Why blog?

I have loved writing and journaling since I knew how to write. I in fact still have most of the journals I’ve written in since about age 9. And I have a box of old birthday cards. I mean why give a card? They cost a pretty penny and for what- to read and enjoy for a few seconds then trash? This frustrated me so I kept them and now have a large box of them in my closet which is equally frustrating.

So blogging in this digital world just makes sense for a person like me. Except it doesn’t. Blogging to me seemed to be done in order for others to see and share. But I journal as an outlet for myself at the time and as reflection later. To me I have nothing much in the way of knowledge or advise to offer to people so I spent years saying I wouldn’t blog.

This is me most days. Glasses and pony tail!

Then I got a small job blogging for a pregnancy and newborn site. I spent almost 2 years writing 3 blogs a week for them until they ended the program.
I had to write about their topics and add in their required links and their suggested categories etc… and it was generally speaking annoying. Even re-reading my blogs was annoying. I annoyed myself.

But I did enjoy the process of “writing” digitally. So I created a blog ‘mollysmarvelousmayhem’ and did little to nothing for a couple of years.
Then I decided to homeschool my kids and realized how vital the internet was for me as far as a resource goes. I knew that blogging would give me a way to lay out what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what did or did not work.
With that being said this is my intention- to use this blog for myself as my own personal journal and future reflection. Also my kids may enjoy reading it one day.

Who knows in 5-10 years I could be a homeschool pro and what a journey that would be to read about!

So if your reading and you’ve not been annoyed enough to stop reading yet- thanks! Nice to have you in my ‘diary’ 🙂

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