Who am I

Hi and thanks for visiting!

My name is Molly and I am a wife, mother and nurse.

I’ve been married to Nick for 10 years this year. We were not 2 people that anyone would have guessed would end up together but it works.

I really really like him.

My kids are now 14, almost 7 and 4. I love them, they drive me crazy but overall they are pretty awesome kids. And getting to see them pretty much constantly while exhausting is so precious. Each day is something new for them to say, do or discover and I get to watch it!

We are literally doing life together living and learning.

I’ve been nurse for over 10 years, mostly the emergency department, but currently am float pool picking up short weekend night shifts in the ER. If it weren’t for my being able to do weekend nights I would not be able to homeschool as we need my income. Even doing that I still have to say no to a lot because there’s only so many hours of the weekend nights. I don’t have contacts anymore, It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had my hair cut or a pedicure. Not that these things were regulars for me before or that I’ll never get them again. But I do believe that if a person wants to homeschool it’s more possible (in most cases) than they think.

I also love Jesus. He’s as real to me as my family just in a deeper more fluid way.  I teach my kids about other religions and about acceptance. I believe that when we build relationships based on love and acceptance we maintain that sphere of influence we have for Christ on others that we would loose if we attempted to argue and point out others “sins”. God is love and love can be shared anywhere and everywhere. It’s the coolest story and we’re a part of it.

I believe we only reach a tiny fraction of who we are meant to be or could be. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience all around us all the time if we just take it. But most days I’m too tired to better myself and get by with teaching and feeding my kids then I crash. And that’s ok too.

Life’s too short for guilt.

I love reading, watching crime shows, planning for homeschool lessons (pretty much planning for anything), cooking, traveling, exploring outside, taking care of people and animals and eating chocolate merainge pie. I even made one last night for no other reason except to eat it. I also love coffee. It’s like an anti-anxiety drug for me.

I’m goofy and can be on point when giving a speech but also so socially awkward at small talk. I can handle a crowd and talking to lots of different people but I prefer alone time with myself or family or one on one time with a person I’m getting to know.

I’m short and still have an extra 15-20lbs of baby fat from when I had my 4 year old. I’m pasty white and I am not a calm and patient person all the time. I mess up a lot and am constantly learning and growing. Each time I reflect back on myself say years ago or even weeks ago I’m always shaking my head at my past self. Which makes me excited about the future because apparently I’m headed in the right direction!

I’ve filed bankruptcy because I bought a house too soon and tried to rent it out and people don’t always pay rent. I was given an 8 year old to raise unexpectedly.

It was the hardest but best thing I’ve ever been through.

I’m currently living with my brother in his small house. It’s a nice breather for us to figure out what our next step is!

I’ve just completed my first year of homeschooling and I hope to keep doing it as long as I can!

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