Pet Store Field Trip

A few months ago we went to the pet store for a field trip. I try to have several easy field trips up my sleeve for a day when we are just needing to get out. I found this free printable packet here and we grabbed our clipboards (love clipboards!) and took off!

They searched the store thoroughly which allowed us to talk about all the different animal’s and their habitats, food and needed care.

Lyra chose a type of parrot that actually was there being ‘babysat’ for it’s owners. It’s called an Eclectus parrot. This guy is a male, the female are usually bright red.

Apparently he likes to each cheese doodles as a snack which Lyra found amusing.

Caelum chose a fish! I was surprised at this as he typically would lean more toward the reptilian creatures. He spent a lot of time in that section but eventually landed back with the fish. These are called Japanese Koi fish.

Later we went home and they filled out their packet and did some coloring and drawing. Lyra surprised me with how interested she was in learning more about her parrot. She spent almost an hour with her packet that afternoon and seemed to really enjoy it.

My expectations are usually way too high so I may look at something like this and think ‘that’s not worth the time ,they won’t learn much’. But it’s not necessarily about that every time. Even if they today likely can’t name the animal they picked the memories have been made and stored. It was a good day! Sometimes you just need a little bit of uncomplicated simplicity.

I think we as people tend to wait for something big to happen or we are constantly preparing for something big to happen. Like preparing to move or graduate or get married or find our purpose or make our difference in the world. And nothing’s wrong with that!

But I’m learning as I go that the big things are more often than not just a pile of small things that were done well. (Quote taken from pastor Mike Ashcraft of Port City Church)

So don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you’re not accomplishing all you should. Take it one small thing at a time 🙂


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