Getting my mind right

So I’ve recently read some blog posts by some lovely bloggers I follow and I was inspired.

I have to be careful not to feel inspired too frequently though. Last year homeschooling I found myself at times floundering as even the concept of homeschooling was still so new to me. I would read a blog and suddenly need to change my was of teaching, structuring my day or even thoughts depending on the topic.

This year while I’m still new to homeschooling (Although I really think homeschooling is such a diverse thing that is so ever-changing it’s like a life form in and of itself and therefore everyone is always new to it!) I feel I have a better idea of what I want from it for my kids.

So when I read all these numerous blog posts they don’t each become a pivotal game changer point for me, instead my brain can more often than not filter through what I believe will fit or work for us.

First this video I listened to yesterday talked about honoring your homeschool day. And this really struck home with me. We try to incorporate games and activities into each day especially if it’s a day when we are home all day with no co-ops, field trips or play dates. That was each day has a little adventure to it.

Last year I was very very structured in our homeschool schedule. And I learned that while I’m the parent and am in charge I can’t turn her little attention span and brain on whenever I feel like it.

This year I want to have a bit more flexibility to our schedule. I know there are certain things she needs to work on consistently like math and grammar/writing, reading etc… But I want to integrate those in when I can not “every day from 930-10 we do math”.

But last year when I made my schedule out it was by the day. And that put way too much pressure on each day for me.

The beauty of homeschooling is the control and freedom it gives you as a family. I love that we can wakeup and either start the day with a math worksheet or go dig in the dirt.

So this year I’m not going to be as structured time wise but I am going to try to turn everything and everyone else off for a time each day to “honor my homeschool”.

I decided to use a different method of planning this year which I’ll share in a later post and link it in later!

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