Eclipse Adventure 2017

We made it to SC and back! 5 hours in the car both ways and I didn’t bring their iPads. I also forgot to grab new DVD’s to have in the car so we watched the same 2 short dvd’s over and over and over. And my husband who spent so much time preparing himself for photographing the eclipse and cut up his glasses and fit them in his camera lens forgot his tripod….. But there was a power line where we stopped that he leaned against!

But the trip was great. They enjoyed their Eclipse activity sheets that we will finish up today.

It was definitely an adventure. It felt like we were chasing a space ship or something. The eclipse had already started before we got the the dead center of totality so I was looking through the sunroof at it (with my glasses!) while tracking our coordinates so we knew when the optimum time to stop would be.

We ended up on a back road on the side of a field. While no other people were in that particular spot lots of bugs were! But I had bug spray so crisis averted. They kids were great. Donte (age 15) wanted to stay home with his uncle and watch it with his girlfriend and we agreed. Lyra who is 6 was very into it. Caelum age 4 once the totality point was close got into it.

It was so magical. Just before totality the edges sparkled as the sun shone through the crevices of the moon. Then we had over 2 minutes of totality where we could look without glasses on. It was like being on another planet!

Then not 15 min later were on the road with 5 hours of heavy traffic ahead of us. That part was not fun but we made it!




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