Solar Eclipse Prep 2017!

Sooooo we are loading up in the morning and headed for SC! My husband is a photographer and he is more excited bout this than anything I’ve seen him be excited about in a while. 

I’ve read information stating it’s fine for kids and adults to view the eclipse with the approved glasses to people and optometrists saying its just not worth the risk and to watch it on TV only.

My husband says it’s fine “the sun is out every day”. I did purchase the correct glasses a few weeks ago (I’m shocked at my lack of procrastination here) and tonight I spruced up the kids a little so I could feel more at ease about this whole deal!

Here’s what we did:

We didn’t have paper plates but had some sturdy solid white paper so we measured a rough estimate based on their face and traced where we would cut. Then had them color it. Then we cut it out and cut slits for the glasses to slide into. I taped the front of the glasses onto the paper.

Just for added security I added rubber bands and paper clips to help prevent any slips!

We also made some shirts that were actually super easy to do! (one has writing on it because we are re-using one we already had!)

Lunches packed, clipboards loaded with some eclipse worksheets and lets be honest- DVD’s for the car player and fresh batteries for the headphones!

Writing this out I’m realizing it looks as though I’ve done a lot of work but this was all done in a couple hours tonight, the night before the eclipse!

Worksheets I found on Pinterest.

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