It’s ok to keep it simple

I receive and find so many different unit study’s, crafts, lesson ideas and so many other homeschool “to do’s” and most of them are really neat! I find myself getting caught up in them and feeling like what I’ve got planned is inadequate. Truth is each individual homeschool family has different needs, levels and styles of learning. I have to remember that I know my kids and I can look at these hundreds of cool ideas and confidently pick a few out without stressing about what my kids are missing from all the other ideas I’m not going to do. I know this… but forget it sometimes!

Today we are doing our math lesson then we are reading the rest of the day. We went to the library and my kids between them picked 20 books plus it’s cold and rainy!

We’ve been doing Story of the World for history, which they love but as they are pretty young it’s not something I set in stone that we have to do. We maybe do a chapter a week occasionally skipping a week.

We do a lot of History based on current holiday or events. We found a really neat Thanksgiving interactive site here. It was mentioned in this post which had a lot of good Thanksgiving ideas and resources. My 7 year old loved having control of the computer and she was mesmerized for an hour. I liked that it paralleled the two perspectives of the Wampanoag people and the English colonists.

My friend recently told me they watched Pocahontas 2 in relation to their studies and I was so excited as I loved the first one and didn’t know there was a 2nd! I see a movie day in our near future!

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