Homeschooling week 2…..d

Original Post: September 23rd 2016

Holy mother of God help me. What have I gotten myself into.

This week has been HORRIBLE. Everything was bad. My 1st grader wanted nothing to do with anything school all week. My preschooler was in need of constand attention and my 9th grader suddenly forgot how to function on his own. Continue reading

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The decision to homeschool

Original Post October 1, 2016

Prior to having kids I didn’t really think about their education. I thought about how many I wanted and played with what I may name them one day but that was about it.

When my daughter was going from her 3 day a week preschool to 5 days a week Pre-K I decided to have a go at “practice homeschooling” I called it. For me it just didn’t feel right to send her away from me every single day when I was only working 2 sometimes 3 days a week. Continue reading

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My first week of homeschooling

Original Post: September 13, 2016

Well I’ve talked about it for a couple of years and now I’ve done it- I am a homeschooling mom.
The first week went really well. It was fun and the kids were excited and I was a normal level of tired. Continue reading

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Finding your inner parent

For me the journey to motherhood has been and will continue to be quite a roller coaster of learning, loving, emotions flying and mistakes happening.
I started my journey as the step mother to a little boy who now calls me “mom” but that story is for a post all to itself.
When I became pregnant with my daughter it was all excitement and preparation. You know you truly do over prepare in every way with your first and that’s okay. Don’t dampen a new mothers joy by trying to be practical and ‘save’ her future stress. She’s expecting a child there is no saving her from future stress. Anyway I digress….
I didn’t know who I was as a mom and am now realizing you never really will because you are always changing and growing. Parenting is a very unique and beautiful experience that can not fit in a blog post or a book. It’s unique to the person, child and lifestyle and it is ever changing. Continue reading

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