Well that didn’t go as planned

Here it is towards the end of my first year homeschooling and I wrote 2 of my planned to be weekly posts!
Much has been learned to say the least. I can say that I feel like I have an idea of what I’m doing! 
There are still many times where things don’t work and I have to re-group.
There are days where If I stopped looking at the big picture and focused on that day I would quit it all and send them to school!
But more often than not it’s wonderful.
I know I’m being awfully cliche but we are learning and living together as a family and we are so happy!
I will try to post a more detailed update with what kinds of things have worked, what hasn’t worked and what I’ve learned.
I also re-vow to make regular posts. I will not say weekly but I think I can swing monthly. That way when I post weekly I’m going above and beyond!

Yep that’s me exceeding expectations everywhere I go.

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